My name is Barb. I am a little Jewish woman with more energy than I know what to do with, so I garden and cook. (I like to play with sharp knives in the kitchen.)  Most of all, I am a proud mom of one of the most adventurous and fun foodie kids I know. She is awesome.

In the world of work, I am a Marketing Communications Specialist, a Content Creator and Copy Editor, a Web Builder, a CRM specialist, and occasional Event Coordinator with diverse skills. These include:

  • email marketing and social media
  • copy editing
  • site design and development
  • CRM administration
  • federal grants and R&D funding
  • nonprofit consulting
  • business development
  • fundraising

Like I said, diverse.

Some other points:
Over ten years experience in nonprofits made me particularly interested in leveraging network and guerilla marketing tactics.

I believe in lifelong learning, and am not afraid of technology.

As a lover of people and schmoozing, my goal is to stay busy and appease the workaholic side of me.

Oh, and I was an extra on Grimm.